Hi!  I’m Jon Day and I am the original “OceanXplorer! “

I grew up in England, but some of my best childhood memories are of traversing the Atlantic Ocean every summer from the ages of 10 – 16 years to stay at a children’s camp in Algonquin National Park in Canada.  It was there that I forged what was to become a life-long passion for the great outdoors, spending my holidays paddling the great lakes, free and at ease with nature.

At boarding school in Dorset, I was a keen member of the orienteering, canoeing and sailing teams, and a Naval cadet.  I not only had great fun but developed teamwork and leadership skills that I have carried with me throughout life.

My interest in water sports has never waned.  I am now a professional snorkeling instructor, qualified coxswain, and avid diver, sailor, kayaker and fisherman.

When I finished school, I studied hotel management at College, then embarked on my career in catering, hospitality, accommodation and tourism.  As fate would have it, I married my lovely Australian wife in 1994, and today, we are happy to call Moreton Bay home, together with our two children. 

For me, Australia is a mecca for all the things that I hold dear.  And living as we do, on an island “girt by sea”, I am constantly in awe of it. Yet I have been struck by how few people I meet have any real knowledge or experience of Moreton Bay and its myriad islands. 

The OceanXplorer concept is all about opening up a whole new world at sea, for people to discover, enjoy and respect, right here, in Brisbane’s backyard.  My hope is that by discovering at first hand the wonders of our marine environment, it will be preserved for the next generation of ocean explorers to come!

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!